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This is an age of modern science and technology and we are in the 21st century. Bangladesh is growing

Md. Idrish Ali

Ever since the inception of the institution, our mission has been to educate and develop the student’s capabilities and


As the principal of Rangpur Engineering College I would like to welcome you to the arena of science, technology,

Rangpur Engineering College


Rangpur Engineering College (REC) was established in the year 2014. It is affiliated by the University of Rajshahi. It is the First Non-Govt. Engineering College in Rangpur Division. This is the newly based Institute, imparting technical education leading to B.ScEngg. in the various disciplines of Engineering.

Student Projects

Recr Department of Computer Science and Engineering along with recr Computer Society organized a Project Showcasing Fall 2019 on 2 nd January, 2020...
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The recrian
A Campus Newspaper
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“EEE Virtual Project Showcasing – Spring 2020” organized by the Dept. of EEE, recr and recr Electronics and Robotics Club (UERC)
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REC Civil Project Laat Batch
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REC Curriculum Integration (CI) Project
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Student Contest
Student performing in the Curriculum Integration Exhibition at the Chitrok Gallery
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The Morning Critic
Marifa Khan (211013012)
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The Literary Tribute
Fatema Aftab Miah (211013016)
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The Critic
Juhi Rubaba Jurana Jahan (201013070)
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Project Showcasing and Poster Presentation - Spring 2023
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Research at REC

Rangpur Engineering College (REC) was established in the year 2014. It is affiliated by the University of Rajshahi.

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Civil Engineering
Our Civil Engineering department carries out groundbreaking research in areas such as sustainable construction materials, structural health monitoring, and environmental engineering. Our faculty and students collaborate to develop new materials, designs, and methods that contribute to safe, durable, and environmentally friendly infrastructures.
Information & Communication Engineering
In the Information & Communication Engineering department, our research efforts are primarily focused on data science, wireless communication, network security, and Internet of Things (IoT). We aspire to create robust and innovative solutions to address the challenges posed by the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication and information processing.
Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Our Electrical & Electronic Engineering research teams are pioneering new frontiers in areas such as power systems, renewable energy, electronic devices, and control systems. We are committed to creating energy-efficient solutions, advancing semiconductor technologies, and developing sophisticated control systems to promote a more sustainable and technologically advanced society.
Computer Science & Engineering
The Computer Science & Engineering department at REC is at the forefront of research in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cybersecurity, and software engineering. Our researchers are dedicated to the development of algorithms, systems, and applications that can transform industries and improve the quality of life.
Center for Enterprise & Society
CES is Bangladesh’s first university-based research center dedicated to conducting research on entrepreneurship and business with a view towards ethical, environmental and social sustainability.
Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
CETL is a full fledged center established primarily for developing and implementing quality teaching practices for the faculty and staff.
Center for Language Studies
CLS aims to improve the quality of English language learning and teaching at the recr.
Center for South Asian Studies
C-SAS aims to orient regional collaboration to secure positive futures in South Asia.
Center for Sustainable Development
CSD is the only research institute in Bangladesh dedicated solely to Sustainable Development.
Dhaka Translation Center
The Dhaka Translation Center (DTC) celebrates the rich Bangladeshi literary tradition by encouraging a greater exchange with contemporary world literature.
Center for Health, Population and Development
The Center's primary objective is to generate and promote research, scholarly, and training activities in the broad ambit of population, health, and development

Extracurricular Activities

Information Communication Engineering Club
REC ICT CLUB is to enable the students of REC to be utterly eligible for the National and International Competitions happening around the world. REC ICT CLUB will provide a platform to enrich the concepts of computer hardware and software, robotics, programming, computer networking and other ICT skills.
REC Electrical And Electronic Engineering Club
The EEE Club is a constituent academic club of the REC Students’ Union and aims to enhance the university experience of REC EEE/IEM students through the Union’s three-pronged approach of Voice, Service, and Vibrancy.
REC Civil Engineering Club
The aim of the Civil Engineers’ Club is to promote social and sporting activities amongst Civil Engineers and their families, whether working or retired, and to provide an opportunity to meet other Civil Engineers outside their working environment.
REC Computer Society
REC Computer Society is a club of IT-savvy RECians. It hopes to be a club, where students interested in technologies can share their knowledge and be benefited from each other by collaboration. REC ComSoc is also keen to provide a platform for developing leadership skills.
REC Social Welfare Club
REC Social Welfare Club started working since the inception of the university with a view to helping and supporting people in need and the society as a whole. The motto of the club is to serve the society and respond to the needs of the suffering humanity. Students of the College have access to all kinds of activities organized by the club. The club promotes social responsibility among students and encourages them to join different welfare activities in the society.
REC Media Club
The REC Media Club is an organization where students who are interested in mass media can experience and learn about the fascinating world of media. A REC Media Club member gets the opportunities to become aware of and get involved with mass communication. The vision of REC Media Club is to stimulate student interest in mass media or mass communication. The mission of REC Media Club is to provide students with opportunities to develop their leadership skills and to foster a spirit of cooperation and unity among students, faculty, and others.
REC Art Photography Club
REC Art and Photography Club will arrange art workshops, art talks/seminars, creative works such as Alpana during 21 February or Pohela Boishakh, Art exhibitions at REC and/or out of REC premises, as well as arrange inter-College art exhibitions/competitions and invite famous artists at REC during events.
REC Language Club
The mission of the Language Club is to foster the learning of the English language and its culture through its semester-wise scheduled language program. Thus students can learn to communicate and co-operate with each other. Our aim is to enrich the lives of the students learning English in our unique environment and develop our students’ learning skills which will be of lifelong value. Through the interesting English language programs, the Language Club offers natural learning to potential students of the College in acquiring command of academic English.
REC Literary Club
To encourage the exploration of different literary and cultural practices across different genres, mediums of expression, and branches of knowledge.
REC Career Club
REC Career Club is a voluntary organization, managed by the current students of REC. The club assists the students of the College in their career development & connecting the employers with their potential future employees. We are not working to provide job opportunity to the students rather trying to shape and nurture the potentials of the students to make them successful in achieving their life goals.